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Apollo 12 Landing Site

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Apollo 12 Landing Site

Post by gomexwx on Sun Aug 06, 2017 9:17 am

These are pictures of the Apollo 12 Landing site I took through my telescope. In the second of my Series of Apollo Moon landings.

Apollo 12 was the programs second trip to the Moon . The Saturn V Rocket took off from Kennedy Space Center at 11:22 AM , November 14, 1969 headed for the Ocean of Storms.

Their mission was to deploy the ALSEP (Apollo Lunar Surface Experiments Package) and to find the landing site of Surveyor 3 to retrieve pieces from it to return to Earth for study. The Surveyor 3 had soft landed on the Moon in 1967. Bean landed the Lunar Module only 535 ft. from the Surveyor 3 site. The Astronauts were also to collect samples and take photographs.

Spacecraft Names:
Command Module : Yankee Clipper
LEM: Intrepid

Charles Conrad Jr., Commander
Alan L. Bean, Lunar Module Pilot
Richard F. Gordon Jr., Command Module Pilot

Longitude: 23.2° West
Latitude: 3.0° South
Quadrant: South-West
Area: South-East of Oceanus Procellarum region (Ocean of Storms)

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Re: Apollo 12 Landing Site

Post by sangria on Mon Aug 07, 2017 6:00 pm

That is cool Gomey. I didn't know that about retrieving Surveyor 3's remains.

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